Friday, December 14, 2012

The Farm

... checking out the maple leaves as they begin to change color for Fall

... picking a couple flowers for the table from Nonno's secret garden

... finding a perfect stump to rest on during his adventures at the farm

... tasting his first tomato picked fresh off the vine

... all smiles with Nonno and Nana 

... walking walking walking and more walking

... playing with all of Uncle Richard's old toys that Nonno and Nana have saved over the years

... exploring the library that has an amazing kids corner filled with all the books that we used to read as kids in the Santa Fe house

On our way to San Jose, we made a stop at the Farm to visit with Nonno and Nana.  As you can see Nico was very busy exploring all that the farm has to offer ... thank you so much Nonno and Nana for making our stay such a wonderful one!

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