Monday, April 23, 2012

The Beanes

We had a long overdue visit with the Beane's this weekend and Nico just ate up all the attention ... especially from bella Hanna who showered him with love!  She cuddled him, shared her toys and even helped with a bit of tummy time.  It was wonderful to be back together with them after 4 months of not seeing the kids ... Dom didn't skip a beat with Bri and was back in his arms laughing and playing as if we had just been there last week.  We love you guys!!!

Happy Earth Day


More fun with the toes ...

Naked Boy

The weather was gorgeous last week and Nico was thrilled because sunny days mean naked time in our household.  He has just found his toes recently and they have become one of his favorite toys ... it is also helping him learn to roll side to side which he is pretty proud of!

So Grown Up

Oh my goodness ... who is this little boy and where did our piccolo Nico go?!?!

Sleeping Angel

No matter how many new tricks Nico learns or how much he changes, he still looks like a new born angel in his sleeping bliss.  I don't think this will ever change ... 


King of chub ...

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Nico got to meet his cousins and his Auntie K for the first time on Tuesday.  Stenson was such an amazing big cousin; he helped Nico with tummy time, played with him on his play mat (that Stenson used to play on when he was a baby) and gave him lots of snuggles while he was here.  Lil' Oli was so much fun to be with and kept Uncle Bri on his toes running around laughing and playing!  Thanks so much for coming ... we miss you already and hope to be back together again soon.

Uncle Stevaun, Grandpa and Grandma also made the trip.  They brought a beautiful day with them so we spent much of it at the beach and in the park.  Nico just loves his Uncle Stevaun and wasted no time cuddling up for a cozy nap in the ergo while his cousins frolicked in the sand!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Great Grandpa Faggioli

One of the best parts about being at the farm was watching the love between Nicholas Richard and his Great Grandfather Richard.  It was incredible to see them laughing and playing together!  

Nico tried so hard to be awake and alert the whole weekend so he wouldn't miss a thing ... what a trooper. 

The Hunt

After searching all around the house, troops gathered on the back lawn for a little relaxation in the sun.


Nico had a wonderful first Easter with the whole family this year.  We all gathered at the farm and had a good old fashion easter egg hunt ... Nico and Bri were a team and looked high and low for the hidden gems.  I helped them out, but no one could beat Uncle Jesse who found 19 eggs!!!

Sista Love

The Don left his pretty lady here with us for the week!  We also got a surprise visit from Smooze who flew in to escape the tornados ruining her trip back east.  It was so much fun to poke around the together with Nico in tow.  What a lucky boy ...

The Godfather

We got a quick visit from the Godfather who was on his way down to LA last week.  He helped Bri with some house projects and spoiled Nico as usual.  Nico works really hard to get Don Juan over all his baby fears: diapers, drool, spit up, etc ... maybe next visit we will get a diaper change out of him.  We love you Don Juan!!!


Nico has become so incredibly vocal over the last few weeks.  We keep trying to catch him on video, but the stories are all WAY to long to load on the blog.  I finally caught a short tale to share with all!