Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Mission

What gorgeous weather we are having here in Santa Barbara and how lucky we are to have a 3 day weekend to really enjoy it!  Monday we spent all day at the Mission enjoying delicious food, wonderful friends, and some incredible chalk art.  We had the Three Musketeers together, but Clay had to take off early so we missed getting a picture with everyone ... Nico did get to try on his fashionable glasses though and LOVED them!!!

La Spiagga

We spent a wonderful day at the beach on Sunday with Nico's pal Evalina and her fabulous parents.  Nico is still unsure about getting his feet wet in the sea, but enjoys watching the waves from a safe distance!  Thanks for introducing us to a beautiful new spot to enjoy guys ... 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sleepy Boy

che cute ...

5 Months

Nico had his 5 month appointment last Friday.  He is now 19lbs 11oz and 27.5in long which keeps him in the 100 percentile across the board!  Doctor Iris confirmed that his happy, healthy and full of joy. He got another round of shots and was pretty proud of his bandaid trophies!!! 


These two are constantly making us laugh ... Abbie and I put Nico and Evalina down for a minute of play and captured these hilarious pics of them looking pretty cute! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This incredible moment was caught yesterday.  It was Evalina's 6 month birthday and she had Nico cracking up before they ended the party with a little hand holding.  Abbie made a video of them together that you can see if you follow the link below - truly amazing to watch these lil' ones growing and learning together!

Big Boy

growing up soooooo fast ...

Beane Lady Love

We always have a hard time coordinating with the Beanes, but we were lucky to get a lunch date with Diane and a picnic with the whole family.  Nico got lots of lovin' from the Beane ladies ... especially Hanna who has decided that although everyone knows our lil' Goobie as Nico, she will always and forever call him Nicholas!

Nana and Papa

There has been many visits not documented lately including the Faggioli clan coming down and Nana and Papa sharing a couple of days with us.  Papa was able to capture this precious moment though ... Nico's first time in an outdoor swimming pool!  It was so much fun to see him splashing around and we look forward to many more moments together.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


The only thing missing in Sonoma was Bri.  It was incredibly hard to be away from him all week, but seeing Nico's face light up when he arrived was priceless.  I caught this cute pic of him just studying Bri - how in love this lil' boy is with his Babo!

Casa de Boise

On our way out of town we stopped at the Boise house for a delicious breakfast.  Nico absolutely loved their new master bedroom and we all were impressed with how beautiful the backyard has turned out.  As always, it was hard to say goodbye ... we will see you soon though!

Auntie Smooze sent me this pic ages ago from their last visit down to SB.  I love it so much ...


Mel and Ryan hosted a Cinco de Mayo gathering on Saturday and we got the 'Smith' sisters together for some fun in the sun.  Auntie Tina spent hours helping Nico explore every rose in the backyard while Auntie Smooze basked in the sun and let Nico rub her ever growing belly ... he is so excited about his baby cousin BamBam!!!  He also hit a big milestone on Saturday when he decided to roll over for the first time and proceeded to do it 2 more times throughout the day.

Santa Fe Connection

We got to see our dear friend Meg and her baby girl Rowan while we were in Sonoma.  It was hilarious watching the 2 bambini interact and wonderful to get a bit of mommy talk in with Meg.  Nico and Ro were born barely a month apart so Meg and I have been on this journey together from the very beginning.  She is such an incredible mother and friend ... we love you Meg and baby Ro!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Uncle Godfather

One of my favorite pics ... whenever Nico got a bit grumpy we would just put him in Don Juan's arms and he would immediately cheer up!

Hard to believe that a baby sling could look so manly, but somehow The Godfather pulls it off ...

As you can see, Uncle Don Juan the Godfather has chosen a faith for our child ...

It was hard to get Nico in Ryan's arms during the day since he is always buried in work so we decided that Nico should learn a bit about the crazy world that is Uncle Godfather's job!  He misses you as much as Mel and has been boycotting the sling since we got home ... he apparently thinks it is a mens only carrier now!

La Godmama


Some precious moments with Auntie Mel ... 
Nico just couldn't get enough of his Godmama.  She had him in her arms every chance she got and he ate it up.  Nico especially loved their backyard that is filled with trees and roses and all kinds of beautiful blooms for Nico to study.  Mel would take him out in the evenings and teach him about the different plants, but Ryan and I were pretty sure that most of the names were being made up!  We have been home almost a week and Nico is still looking around for his Godmama wishing that she was here or we there ... one day, one day!!!

First Flight

This pic was taken before Nico's first flight.  We went up to Somona to visit Mel and Ryan for the week after we found out that her mom had passed away.  It was hard to say goodbye to Bri and a bit nerve-racking to board our first plane together, but he did great and we were met with open arms as soon as we landed at SFO.