Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mug Shots

... busted with Nana's keys

... caught trying to steal a midnight snack

... look at those sly occhi 

Happy Birthday Grandpa

... 4 Generations

... we love you Grandpa Faggioli

... Monterey Bay Aquarium 

... loving the fish

... checking out the sharks

Cousin Love

... I think Nico might love his cousin Tay just a lil'

Thanksgiving in Eshom

Best friends, beautiful mountains and valleys to explore, delicious food, and a baby boy at his happiest playing in the leaves ... life doesn't get much better than this! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most incredible trip.

Familia Weekends

Living so close to everyone means amazing weekends filled with family stopping by. Over the last couple weekends, we have gotten almost the whole Smith/Boise clan here to enjoy a few hours together. 

 Nico loved all the firewood that Nonno and Nana brought up as well as the beautiful plants that make our backyard even more enjoyable! Thank you so much familia for all the love, support, and help getting us settled here in SJ.

Perisho Reunion

The entire Perisho family came to visit and Nico fell in LOVE with his cousins.  He spent the whole weekend trying to catch up with the boys and they were absolutely wonderful with him.  How lucky he is to have such great cousins to look up to and learn from! We love you Perishos ... thank you for an amazing visit.

Friends & Family

One of the best parts about living in San Jose is being close to some of our dearest friends and family.  We get to visit baby Tay every week and got a lucky play date with Auntie Mel and Uncle Godfather!


... an amazing pic captured by Uncle Stevaun

... a terribly sad boy 

... exploring the neighborhood park

... finding sticks

... maning the storefront at the playground

Happy Halloween

... Spina Farms

... my lumberjack boys

... a lil' monkey running loose in our backyard 

First Day at ISCS

My handsome boys all ready for Babo's big day at work!

All Grown Up

It feels like Nico has turned into a real little boy since we got here ... 


Nico has been exploring every corner of the new house, but so far his favorite part is the backyard.  He  can hardly believe that all he has to do is walk out the door and he is in his own private park!

The Eagle Has Landed

Nico was such a trooper ... he slept almost the whole way up from SB and even helped out a bit with the driving! It is hard to believe we made it after last week and how frail we all are.

So grateful to be at our new home ... unpacking here we come!

Sicky Pants

This is the only pic we got of our last week in SB. We all came down with a horrible virus and were quarantined right up until our departure. Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Stevaun came up to try and help us pack ... but had to be rushed home after contracting the death flu from us!


Friday we FINALLY got a play date together with some of our favorite SB mommas and babies.  It will be so hard to say goodbye to these wonderful friends, but we will be back for visits before long! Thank you ladies for making motherhood so much fun.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Uncle Mogwai

Uncle Rich (aka Mogwai Senior) made it to town one last time before we move away. Nico climbed right up on his perch and enjoyed the park from Mogwai's shoulders. We will miss our SB traditions with you Rich, but look forward to creating new ones in SJ!

Natalie, Mayah, and Nat met us at the park to feed the ducks and enjoy yet another beautiful day together ... what great friends to share the sunshine with!

... what having twins looks like

Pumpkin Patch

Lulu, Nico, Dahlia, and Leo ... what a phenomenal group of babies!

Halloween is around the corner so we all made it out to Lane Farms to let the munchkins run around the pumpkin patch together.  Nico had a blast banging on all the oversized pumpkins and the group found one just the right size for their weekly powwow! 

Beach Day with Mayah Bean

This week Natalie and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and spent the day at the beach with Nico and Mayah. Nico forgot his hat so Mayah let him borrow hers ... pretty darn cute!

Thank you for this beautiful pic Natalie ... we love you and will miss you incredibly when we leave.

School Bus

Back home in SB Nico got a little homecoming gift ... a big yellow school bus which he found more interesting to study intently than actually play with.

Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor
Born September 25th

We couldn't believe our luck when we got a call that Mega and Jesse were on the way to the hospital while we were in San Jose! We got to see baby Tay the day after she was born and give the proud parents some loving. She is the most beautiful little girl and we are so proud to be her aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Having just become a father and working on no sleep, Uncle Jesse still took time out to be with Nico ... what an amazing man he is! We love you and Mega and baby Tay with everything we are!