Friday, September 14, 2012

Moving to San Jose

We have some big news!  There are only a few more weeks of Santa Barbara living for us and then it is off to San Jose.  We are so grateful for all our time here, but are really looking forward to starting our adventure living up north. Much love to all those who have supported us here in SB and thank you to all of those waiting with open arms for us up north!

Toys Toys Toys


New Tricks

playing peek-a-boo ...

sticking out his tongue for all to see ...

pulling himself up on anything and everything ...

trying out big kid rides ...

first taste of meat ... YUM!

Wrestling Buddies

We don't get a lot of time with Mona, Teo, and Clay so when a last minute picnic came together we jumped on the opportunity to spend some time together.  The boys were SO happy to see each other and immediately started a wrestling match!  Love LOve LOVE this lil' bromance ... 

The Getty

Saturday we spent the day down in LA with our dear friends Chris and Ashley.  After a fantastic lunch we all went to the Getty and tried to give Nico his first taste of art ... he much preferred the expansive lawn where he practiced his lightening speed crawling.  

Chris captured these amazing photos of our lil' Buggles!

We are so sad to be missing their wedding at the end of the month, but are SO excited for them to be tying the knot - what a perfect match they make!  We love you guys.

Labor Day Weekend

We started off Labor Day weekend with a beautiful walk on the beach. The weather was gorgeous, but we forgot Buggles hat so we had to make him a turban out of his swaddle to keep the sun off his head.  He got a kick out of it and had a blast riding on our shoulders near the surf.

Saturday morning Grandma and Grandpa came and we spend an amazing weekend together enjoying all kinds of fun.  From the beach to the pool and lots of walks around town, there was so much fun to be had and Buggles just ate it up.  Thank you so much for the visit ... we love you both!