Friday, August 31, 2012

Senior Style

Park Life

The weather has been so incredible since we got back so we have been spending as much time outside as possible.  What a wonderful place the park has become for this exploring lil' soul ... and even better when bella Evalina is around to share in the fun!

Mr. Buggles tracking his friend the crow ...

Back to Babies

Lulu was showing Nico some wonderful love during the photo shoot ... we are pretty sure it was his vintage overalls that caught her eye!

How lucky we are to have such amazing mommies and babies in our lives!

Nico was so excited to be back with all his friends after 2 weeks away from the babies.  They are all developing such amazing personalities and truly love being together.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Nico picked up his first musical instrument while we were in San Mateo. As you can see, he is pretty excited about his ability to jam out so far!

The San Francisco Zoo

Auntie Smooze went with us to the zoo on Monday. BamBam made for a perfect perch ... only a few weeks to go till we all meet her! 

There is nothing like being in Babo's arms.

Nico wasn't so sure about this elephant statue, but decided it was safe to touch after seeing a little girl climbing all over it.

Buggles is working on he 2 top teeth and he really seems to like exploring them with his tongue.  He really got a hang of sticking it out during our day at the zoo!

Nico was in awe of all the animals and would make different noises each time he saw one. We all had such a great time watching him react to all the life. After a week apart, it was also nice to just enjoy time back together as a family!  

A Special Bond

Uncle Jesse is just weeks away from becoming a father.

What a wonderful Uncle he already is and what perfect father he is going to make.

Up Close ...

After the baby shower we headed to Casa de Boise for a few days of rest and relaxation.  Nico got up close and personal with his Uncles and Auntie Smooze.  So in love with each of them ... what amazing relationships for us to see develop.  Auntie Tina was there as well, but somehow we missed getting a shot of the them together!

BamBam's Shower

Saturday was Mega and Jesse's Baby Shower. We had such a wonderful time and are so excited about the arrival of baby BamBam. There was lots to do during the baby shower including a potato baby relay race which had everyone in stitches! Somehow we missed getting a pic of the beautiful pregnant Mega, but had a chance to capture a few fun moments with other family members.

Buggles and the Faggioli clan ... Nate looks pretty good holding a bambino!

Checking out Grandpa Faggioli as the party wound down.

One last pic with Nonno and Nana before everyone headed home.

Goat Roast

The Smith-Faggioli clan all ended up at the Sonoma Ranch on Friday night for a good old fashioned goat roast. Mel and I took Nico over to see the family and taste the delicious goat that Uncle Justin prepared.  Buggles was very interested in the process of removing the goat from the cooker and watched in awe during the carving, but we decided to hold off on letting him taste it ... maybe next time!

A cute pic of Nico looking like a big boy in the kitchen ... how fast he is growing!


Sonoma was beautiful! Auntie Godmama and the Godfather made Buggles feel right at home with a fabulous red deck chair that sat between theirs in the back yard.  Godfather was busy as work as usual, but Nico stole a couple minutes of cuddles between conference calls which gave us a chance to snag a pic of the 2 boys in their matching stripes.  It took Nico no time at all to get cozy with auntie Godmama ... he loves her so mucho!

Bean and Babies ...

Mel came to the farm to pick up Nico and I for an adventure up to Sonoma.  On our way, we stopped by the Girard-Maxon house to introduce Nico to some of our dearest friends. Matiz and Nico were very interested in one another, but Toscana decided she was not so into fotos so all we got were her feet shooting out of her tutu in the group shot above.  Bean and I were clearly the only ones interested in getting a posed shot together - captures motherhood pretty well!  The time was short, but sweet and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Alto Corralitos Ranch


Nico got to spend time enjoying the family Ranch last week.  He went looking for bobcats with Nonno in the early mornings and became best friends with Sophie dog.  There was so much to see while we were there that I didn't capture on film including Nonno's beautiful Secret Garden (filled with flowers and pomodori) and the Corralitos library that Nonno and Nana have been working on.  There is even a kids corner for that the Gooberson enjoyed exploring!

Nana was hands on all week with Mr. Buggles.  She took him on adventures in his stroller, fed him in his oh-so-comfy high chair, and even walked him to sleep in the Ergo when nap time came around.  There was of course lots of time for just enjoying each other as well ... his favorite was early mornings on the kitchen floor banging around Nana's tupper!

Nicholas Richard also got to enjoy lots of time with Grandpa Faggioli and learned all kinds of new tricks.  Grandpa taught him how to play drums and toss the ball around. It was so much fun watching Nico and Grandpa together ... they seemed to make each other smile pretty big.

What a fabulous trip for all - cant wait to get back!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Buddha Smile

Our favorite look these days is Nico's unbelievable new smile! 
What a Happy Buddha Baby ...  

Beautiful Times

Beautiful babies and beautiful days here in Santa Barbara ...