Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Fabulous Farm

... morning Mr. Magoo

Nonno cooled the hot tub down to the perfect temperature so that Nico could play in it all day long. He had so much fun splashing and kicking and exploring in the water. What a lucky boy - thank you Nonno!

This is a before and after shot of Nico back at the beach for the first time since we left Santa Barbara. Nana played with him in the sand and reminded how much fun the beach is, but Nico had to learn for himself that putting your face directly into the warm softness does not always end so well!

Nicholas Richard and his Great Grandfather Richard - what a handsome pair!

We also got a quick visit from auntie Smooze and cousin Tay. Nico just loves his cousin so much!

We found out that Nico's new food love is BBQ. 

Thank you for a wonderful week Mom, Dad, and Grandpa.

Handsome Boy

Brian captured the top picture of Nico a few weeks ago. It is my all time favorite foto of him. He just loves being outdoors and has recently taken to 'borrowing' - our neighbors orange tree grows over our fence and Nico take one or two every now and then to bowl with on the lawn.

Mr. Active

What cast?

Tough Guy


Our lil' Magoo broke his arm and is now in a cast for the next couple months. He has taken to wearing the cast quite well though and hasn't let the ordeal dampen his spirits in the slightest. He is as happy, playful, active, and excited as always ... for this we are grateful! 

Auntie Godmama

Bri had his first business trip and so Auntie Mel came to stay and keep us company. We had so much fun and Nico thought she was AMAZING because she let him do anything and everything! She really knows how to spoil her godson and he just loves her to death.

... sword fights with Auntie Godmama

Radio Flyer

We purchased only one gift for Nico this year ... a bright red Radio Flyer wagon. He takes trips around the backyard and all through the neighborhood. Who says you need a stroller? 

Merry Christmas

... our lil' funghi finder

... getting ready to open presents at the Farm

... our beautiful wreath from Grandpa Faggioli

... our lil' moose all cozy and ready for bed (thank you Sandy & Justin)

Happy Birthday

December 16th 2012
Nico started really walking right on his birthday! He had a blast trying to chase after all the balloons. We kept the party small, but felt all the love from everyone who sent their wishes our way. Thank you to Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Nonno, and Great Grandpa Faggioli for making it an extra special day for our lil' Goobie.

Growing up

Tough guy Magoo showing off his muscles!

This pic is for Uncle Mogwai - just like when you were little on that pile of rocks you thought was a horse!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mug Shots

... busted with Nana's keys

... caught trying to steal a midnight snack

... look at those sly occhi